Product Highlights

  • Cambridge Archive Editions Online


    East View and Cambridge University Press have partnered to digitize the Cambridge Archive Editions collection. All the original print volumes and accompanying maps will be available as online editions via the East View e-book platform.

    Cambridge Archive Editions Online
  • Russian Books from East View


    With the largest database of Russian books anywhere, we also offer books from other countries from the Baltic to the Yellow Seas. Have the title of a hard-to-find book from China? Let us try to find it. Our network of suppliers is vast and spans across Eurasia.

    Russian Books from Russia
  • Online Access to Historical Elections in Emerging Democracies


    A vast and rich array of primary source materials from presidential and parliamentary election campaigns in the countries of the former Soviet Union is now accessible online.

    Online Access to Historical Elections in Emerging Democracies
  • The most comprehensive bibliographic product of Russian printed works


    East View and the Book Chamber of the Russian Federation now offer access the most comprehensive Russian bibliographic database available online.

    The most comprehensive bibliographic product of Russian books
  • Chinese Newspapers Online


    Apabi Newspaper Database is full-image/full-text, covering more than 80% of newspapers published in China. Content is current and complete with color images.

    Chinese Newspapers Apapi
  • The Siku Quanshu


    The definitive Wenyuange edition of the Siku Quanshu encompasses 3,460 works totaling more than 36,000 volumes. It promotes Chinese culture through the preservation of cultural classics and making them more accessible through advanced information technologies.

    Chinese cultural classics
  • Images of our moon from China's Chang-E 1 lunar orbiter


    The “Chang'E-1 Image Atlas of the Moon” commemorates China's first scientific exploration of the Earth’s closest celestial neighbor.

  • East View World
    Geographical Atlas


    Explore with the latest editions of world, continental, and regional maps.

  • Access the ebooks from the modern Arab renaissance in the Middle East


    An electronic archive of ebooks published 1820-1914 from Egypt, Syria and the Islamic World. With over 3,000 titles, this collection covers humanities, science, and many other fields.

    arabic ebooks from Egypt, Syria
  • A remarkable collection of Fine Chinese Art


    Presenting the history of the arts in Chinese culture, from ancient China through the Qing Dynasty. Its multimedia format is a rewarding experience for collectors, students and scholarly researchers.

    Fine Chinese Art, Qind Dynasty
  • Online publications from Moscow State University Press


    Online access to scholarship from the most prominent academic institution in Russia. 25 different topics on all important areas of scientific knowledge ranging from ...

    Moscow State University publications, Russian books
  • China National Knowledge Infrastructure


    More than four hundred universities, public libraries, research institutions, enterprises, and hospitals in more than twenty countries rely on the China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), which offers online ...

    Chinese science books, CNKI
  • Access over 300 serials, covering a variety of subjects, from Israel


    The "Index to Hebrew Periodicals" (IHP) is a bibliographic indexing project of over 800,000 items, covering articles from Hebrew periodicals, collections, and ...

    jewish newspapers, journals from Israel in Hebrew
  • The LandScan Global Population Databases


    The LandScan Global Population Databases offer the most accurate and reliable, geographically based, population distribution model.

    global population density data
  • With legal content officially sanctioned by the People’s Republic of China


    For the most current and accurate resources on Chinese laws and regulations, legal researchers in China turn to the China Legal Knowledge Database.

    Chinese Law
  • Universal Database of Russian Medicine and Public Health Journals


    The database provides access to Russian medical and health journals. It is sourced from over 15 Russian sources on medicine and health, including the Russsian Union of Pediatrics, Academy of Medical Sciences...

    Russian books and journals in Russian medicine
  • A chronicle of the rise and fall of the USSR


    The Current Digest of Russian Press, articles published for about fifty years - from the beginnings of the Cold War through the emergence of Russia in the new balance

    Russian press, books, journals and newspapers
  • Documentary Evidence of Underground Activities


    The stories and documents about Ukrainian resistance movements and guerilla army during the Nazi occupation of Kiev and the Kiev Oblast.

    Guerrilla Activities during nazi occupation in Ukraine
  • You probably know names of Russia’s classic authors: Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy.


    Read books and articles by or about contemporary authors of Russia. Also covers social science issues, such has ethnic relations, international affairs, and more.

    classic Russian literature books of Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy.
  • Russian Military & Security Publications Online


    The database provides access to a broad range of Russian military texts, including central military journals and regional military district newspapers. All branches of the armed forces are covered, including the Russian Air Force, Army and Navy.

    Russian military books, newspapers and journals
  • Bridging the gap in current science and engineering information from China


    China Academic Journals database bridges the gap in current science and engineering information from China. It covers Chinese science, agriculture, literature, history, medicine, politics and economy

    chinese science, agriculture, literature, history books from China
  • Online access to China's most important artistic works


    With contributions from the leading museums of China, Apabi Chinese Fine Arts Database includes over 35,000 artworks and 18,000 examples of calligraphy. Apabi is famous source of e-Books from China.

    fine art database of China
  • A vast collection of Chinese law all in one place.


    With high-quality English-language versions of Chinese laws, regulations, cases, legal news and forums, Lawinfochina features an easy-to-use English interface and the ability to search in English or Chinese.

    Chinese law books
  • Online access to social sciences & humanities articles from China


    Chinese full-text, online academic journals on literature, history, philosophy, politics, military affairs, law, education & social sciences, and more.

    Chinese journals, literature, history, military, law
  • Asian Collections from Greatman


    Greatman Knowledge Management Group of Taiwan has been producing databases since 1997. Current offerings address the classics of Chinese culture, as well as resources specific to Taiwanese culture and history.

    classics of Chinese culture
  • The only source you need for corporate information on the world's fastest growing region


    AsiaOne aggregates filings and other financial data from companies in China, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan into a multi-lingual user-friendly platform.

    The AsiaOne corporate data base covers companies in China, japan, taiwan, hong kong and japan
  • KODEKS Law and Legislative database from Russia


    A major source for Russian legislation comprising hundreds of thousands of documents going back to 1991 with legislative acts issued by approximately 200 executive, legislative and judiciary bodies in Russia.

    Russian law, legislative acts, books
  • German Occupation of Kyiv in 1941-1943: Primary sources


    In 1941 Nazi Germany occupied Kyiv. This collection brings together birth certificates, documents from the Nazi-controlled city administration, and more.

    nazi  Occupation of Kiev